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It is a condition of your tenancy that inspections are carried out at your property. There are two types of inspections:


Physical Inspections involve us attending the property in person and taking a photograph from the corner of each room along with additional photographs of any repairs or defaults that we find. We ask you to ensure any items of a personal nature are out of view. You do not need to be present for inspections unless you wish to be, we can enter with keys. The inspection should take no more than 15 minutes. These can only be carried out in office hours.


Virtual This is where we ask you to provide a photo of both the front and rear exterior of the property, a photograph from the corner of each room and comments regards any concern or repairs we will produce a report to forward to your Landlord opposed to us attending in person.


Inspection schedule

• 6 Weeks - An initial inspection where we will attend, will be scheduled around 6 weeks after you have moved in to your property.

• 3 Months – This will be a physical inspection where we will attend

• 6 Months – Virtual Inspection

 • 9 Months – Physical inspection. Inspections will then alternate between physical and virtual., subject to condition.

On occasion, we will need to inspect a property in excess of the usual inspection schedule. After an inspection, a report is generated and sent to your landlord electronically. If any concerns are raised either by the landlord or our property manager, a repeat inspection will be scheduled for one months time.


If any repairs or defaults are found or reported, a works order will be generated. If a repair is needed, we may need to attend to see the standard of work carried out. If you have had any repairs to your property and are not satisfied with the standard of works or the reported issue has not been remedied, it falls under tenant responsibilities to report this to the office in a timely manner.

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